By Chancellor Agard
May 06, 2018 at 12:52 AM EDT

Kanye West meets A Quiet Place on Saturday Night Live tonight!

In “A Kanye Place,” host Donald Glover, Cecily Strong, Aidy Bryant, Kenan Thompson, and Beck Bennett were strolling through a field trying to remain as quiet as possible to avoid being killed by sound-sensitive monsters. Unfortunately, their attempt to pass through quietly is ruined when Donald’s character starts getting notifications about West’s eccentric tweetstorm.

“You guys, Kanye just tweeted. He said he would’ve voted for Trump,” whispers Glover as his companions try to shush him.

Unfortunately, Thompson’s unable to remain quiet once Glover shows him the picture of the signed “Make America Great Again” hat. “Oh, come on, Kanye!” exclaims Thompson right before a monster drags him away.

Each member of the crew gets dragged as off as West’s tweetstorm continues. Perhaps the highlight of the entire sketch was when Glover, Bryant, and Bennett listened to West’s silly song “Lift Yourself” in which he says the word “poop” multiple times.

“Did he just say ‘poopity scoopity’? asks Bryant.

“None of it matters,” replies Bennett.

“I need to know if he said ‘poopity scoopity!’ insists Bryant before a monster drags her off as she manages to confirm the crazy lyric. Hopefully it was worth it.

As the sketch ends, Glover comes face-to-face with the monsters while jamming out to “Lift Yourself” and watching a clip from West’s controversial TMZ interview.

Watch the sketch above.

A Quiet Place

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