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After nearly an entire season of waiting, the truth about Reign finally came tumbling out at the close of this week’s Supergirl — and so begins the emotional charge to the season finale as the Girl of Steel must face off against her friend in order to save the world.

Upon realizing the Worldkillers were heading for L-Corp, Kara (Melissa Benoist) raced to protect Lena (Katie McGrath) only to witness Sam’s (Odette Annable) transformation into Reign with her own eyes. “The Sam and Reign conundrum encompasses a lot of heartbreak for Kara,” Benoist tells EW. “First of all, she finds out in a way that she realizes that Lena’s been lying and using methods that Kara’s not happy about.

“Also, seeing a good friend of hers that she knows is a good person deep down is a million times more heartbreaking than it was to deal with Julia,” Benoist says of Worldkiller Purity. “Kara’s seen Worldkillers, she knows that you’re able to save them, but I’m sure the heartbreak is devastating because she knows what it’s going to take to get through to Sam.”

Monday’s upcoming hour picks up in the aftermath of this reveal, as Supergirl confronts Lena over hiding the fact that their friend Sam is actually the bioengineered weapon of Krypton that nearly killed Kara earlier this season. “This episode really starts to explore the Luthor and Super relationship and the complexities of that,” Benoist says. “Kara might not be very happy about the way Lena chooses to handle someone like Reign, who poses a huge threat to National City, so Kara’s hackles are raised, to say the least.”

In an effort to find a solution that will stop the Worldkillers while also saving Sam, Supergirl and Lena decide to put all cards on the table, leading to some major reveals between them — though maybe not the reveal. Lest viewers forget, Lena is still unaware that Kara and Supergirl are one and the same. Kara will, therefore, struggle in her interactions with Lena.

“We explore that a lot in the following episodes,” Benoist notes. “Kara and Lena remain the same, but after the cards are out on the table, I don’t know if Supergirl and Lena will ever be the same. And it’s interesting for Kara in that she listens to what Lena has to say about Supergirl, with Lena not knowing that she’s talking to her face. And that can be hurtful and uncomfortable and reveal a lot, so that’s not exactly what you want in a friendship.”

Still, Kara hasn’t exactly been forthcoming with Lena, either. “There’s some hypocrisy on Supergirl’s side where she’s lying about who she is to her best friend,” Benoist notes. “Lena comes clean and tells her everything essentially that she’s doing to work on Sam and Reign for the sake of saving Sam, but Kara can’t be honest because she feels like she has to protect Lena. So it is this moral dilemma that Supergirl is really struggling with. I think it’s frustrating for Supergirl and Kara. Obviously, they’re the same person, but I think it’s frustrating to have the alter ego.”

Should Kara continue to keep her alter ego a secret, Benoist thinks it’s only a matter of time before it blows up in Kara’s face. “I think it’s past the point of no return,” she says. “No matter how Kara tries to spin it, especially with the way the stone is rolling at this point and its momentum, I don’t think there’s a way that Kara can salvage it if Lena were to find out.”

Supergirl airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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