Credit: Albert L. Ortega/FilmMagic; David Livingston/Getty Images

So this is what we’ve come to.

An ABC prime-time comedy star and an adult film actress who allegedly had an affair with the president of the United States are feuding on Twitter about anal sex.

The latest in the Stormy Daniels vs. Roseanne Barr feud started, of course, with Patricia Arquette (just go with it for now, it pays off). See, the Boyhood actress came to the defense of Daniels on Twitter after the porn star was, per usual, getting slut-shamed by the Twitter troves. First, Daniels tweeted this (Note there’s some NSFW language coming, as you should expect):

Then a user named Sassy Southern Diva — who has since deleted her tweet — replied with: “You’re disgusting and do not represent classy women AT ALL. Your fifteen minutes of fame will be up soon and we will all be thrilled when that day comes!”

Sassy Southern Diva also tagged in Roseanne Barr with her reply, because, of course, let’s absolutely get her opinion on this.

If you’re wondering where Patricia Arquette comes in, it’s next, because then she interjected this:

Which is trying to help Stormy and yet at the same time sort of suggests that porn stars and presidents should be held to the same standard. And now here comes Barr, who seemingly wants to prove that Daniels is not classy:


To which Daniels shot back:

…referring, of course, to Barr’s infamously bad rendition of the National Anthem in 1990 where she was booed off the field, grabbed her crotch and spat.

And that brings you up to date. Here are some thoughts:

  • Daniels calling Roseanne “ignorant” seems like the wrong word choice, unless Daniels expects the exact details of her porn oeuvre to be widely known (you could say she’s ignorant of her porn history, but not ignorant in general). Rude, irrelevant, and presumably inaccurate, however, sure.
  • Also, if what Daniels is saying is true, the Star-Spangled Banner slam is actually not a good analogy. If Daniels doesn’t do anal movies, then it’s not like Roseanne singing that one time. It would be fitting if Daniels did an anal movie once, and it was a notoriously lousy film; then the analogy would work. What Daniels is doing is like saying Roseanne is known for, say, wearing velour Juicy tracksuits if she had never actually worn one before (or something equally unclassy).
  • We don’t know if Daniels has or has not done anal movies. Our fact-checkers have their limits. You’ll just have to figure that out yourself if you really have to know.
  • If you just want to walk off a pier at this point, we totally understand.