'This is recreating the awkward silences I've had with my father,' O'Brien joked.

God of War is one of the most critically acclaimed video games of the year (so far), but for a “Clueless Gamer” like Conan O’Brien, the story is just “recreating the awkward silences I’ve had with my father.”

O’Brien has played through For Honor with Tom Brady, the Nintendo Switch with Will Arnett, and Cuphead with Kate Upton in his gaming segment on Conan. This week, he tackled God of War with Barry star Bill Hader, who mocked, “I don’t think anybody’s gonna be playing a video game and going, ‘You know what? This video game has really taught me that I need to have a better relationship with my son.”

God of War — for the other clueless gamers out there — is the latest chapter in the Ghost of Sparta saga. It’s a brutal and bloody experience the sees Spartan warrior Kratos traversing a mythical land of Norse gods with his son to fulfill his wife’s dying wish.

“If you just walked in, you’d think this man is chasing a boy,” the late-night host quipped as he started playing. As the game went on, the pair continued with the jokes.

“Your mother’s dead! Remember when your mother died — and we burned her?” O’Brien said, cracking up Hader. “Your therapist said I probably shouldn’t have let you watch that.”

Watch the latest “Clueless Gamer” in the video above.

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