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Want scoop on your favorite shows? Then come hang out in the Spoiler Room, where I attempt to satiate your need to find out what’s coming up on TV. If you want spoilers on a specific show, send Qs to my Twitter: @NatalieAbrams.

Any scoop on Westworld? Season 2 has been awesome so far! — Taylor
You will get your first look inside a new world this week — though it might not be what you imagined. On a possibly related note: Sunday’s episode will also introduce a mysterious new character that, believe it or not, you won’t have to wait too long to get answers about.

What do you have on The Flash finale? — Jamison
The ultimate showdown between Team Flash and The Thinker is upon us, but it won’t go down the way you’re expecting. “It’s an Inception-inspired episode,” executive producer Todd Helbing says of the hour, which will feature two major cliffhangers — one reveals the Mystery Girl’s identity, while the other introduces a new threat. “Most people that are familiar with comics will probably be able to deduce who the big bad is for next season,” Helbing says. Guess we’ll need to, ahem, put on our thinking caps!

Scoop on The Blacklist please! What can you tease for the final episodes of the season? — Aly
It’s all hands on deck as the team scrambles to find Samar after her abduction. “Samar’s been taken by a Class-A-Blacklister of super-weirdo-proportions,” EP Jon Bokenkamp says. “I can assure, never before have we put one of our main characters in a situation like this — next week is ugly, physical, isolated, and there are no guarantees she’s gonna come out of this. For real. This is as emotional as it gets.”

What can we expect from the next episode of The Americans now that Philip’s going to help Elizabeth in Chicago? That cliffhanger was great. — Katie
Well, first off, Philip whisking himself out of town means that Henry will be left alone with Stan — and you can bet Stan’s going to be curious about why Philip also has to leave, especially when Henry’s only home for the holidays. And as for the mission, remember that suitcase stuffing scene a few seasons back? All I’m saying is to make sure not to eat before watching next week’s episode…

Any word on how James will react to Lena’s big secret on Supergirl? — Carson
The fact that Lena has been hiding Sam’s true nature as Reign won’t be lost on James, but it made lead to a better understanding between them, especially since he’s hiding a Guardian-sized secret of his own. “It’s not prudent to keep secrets from your lover, period,” Mehcad Brooks says. “But I think that people would understand once you come clean, and we both come clean about secrets we’re keeping from each other — that actually brings us closer together.”

Give me Bellamy scoop for The 100! — Shawna
Here’s a tiny tease to whet your appetite: Bellamy will finally make a move, but in doing so, he’ll cause a divide in the group.

Anything on New Girl? Just two weeks left! — Danny
With their baby on the way, Winston and Aly are going to need to name a godparent — and with their shared law enforcement backgrounds, you can expect them to take this very seriously. How seriously? Think gathering potential candidates criminal lineup style. And who will they choose? Without Ferguson as a candidate, it’s anyone’s guess.

Any hope for Oliver ahead of his trial on Arrow? — Seamus
Things are going to get much worse before they get better — well, if they get better. “These are long-lasting ramifications,” David Ramsey says. “What happens between he and Felicity will last for a long time, what happened between he and myself will last for a long time. Likewise, whatever recovery that happens during season 7 will not happen quickly.”

What’s in store for Roman and Blake on Blindspot? — Shruthi
Even though Roman only imagined telling Blake the truth, the issue may be forced soon. “He’s legitimately in love with her, so he knows he can’t keep his secret too much longer,” EP Martin Gero says. “He’s gonna try and find a way to tell her before the end of the season.” The imaginary Blake certainly had a dark reaction, stabbing Roman in the side. Will that also come to fruition in real life? “Well,” Gero says, “we certainly haven’t seen that kind of darkness from her — yet.”

What can you tease about Thursday’s Supernatural episode? — Tina
Not only does Rowena help the boys return to Apocalypse world, but she also develops an unexpected connection with the archangel Gabriel that surprises everyone.

This week in TV: I’d be shocked if her name isn’t Nora Dawn Allen.

That’s a wrap on this week’s Spoiler Room. Don’t forget to tweet your Qs to @NatalieAbrams.

Additional reporting by Chancellor Agard and Shirley Li.

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