Billy McBride (Billy Bob Thornton) isn’t doing so well, but what else is new?

In the exclusive season 2 trailer above for the Amazon legal drama, the lawyer is, according to his daughter Denise (Diana Hopper), not eating enough and drinking even more than before — not to mention still staying at a lodge near the Santa Monica Pier. But Billy, even after winning the Borns Tech case in season 1, just has more on his mind, including a new case involving his friend’s 16-year-old son, who’s been arrested for a double homicide. The investigation leads to an even deadlier conspiracy. “We’re talking about a drug cartel here, and they don’t f— around,” he says. Given all the glimpses of chaos and bloodshed in the teaser, clearly not.

“It’s a little bit like Rocky in a courtroom,” co-creator David E. Kelley (Big Little Lies) told EW before the series premiered in 2016. “You’ve got this guy who’s barely a contender, and he keeps getting knocked down by an overwhelming favorite but keeps getting up.”

The series, created by Kelley and Jonathan Shapiro (Boston Legal), with Lawrence Trilling as the showrunner, adds Morris Chestnut and Mark Duplass to the second season. Goliath was Amazon’s first-ever straight-to-series order, which meant it skipped the streaming service’s pilot-voting process for its library of original series, and nabbed a Golden Globe win for Thornton in 2017.

Goliath returns June 15 on Amazon Prime.

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