Climate change has this forecaster 'so so so so scared.'

By Nick Romano
May 02, 2018 at 09:12 AM EDT

Getting fired can’t stop Brad Pitt from forecasting the weather!

The 54-year-old War Machine actor made his return to Comedy Central’s The Jim Jefferies Show as his bleak weatherman persona. What was he morbidly musing about this time? Climate change.

“We’ve got sunshine in the west, the south, the east, and over here in the north, the ice caps are melting and I am so so so so scared,” he said.

“Didn’t we fire you?” host Jim Jefferies asked. They did. After making his debut as the weatherman in 2017, Pitt’s character was later “fired” for being “crazy” and “a real nutjob.”

These memories started flooding back as he tried telling a joke involving basketball star LeBron James. “I was hanging out with LeBron James, and he said, ‘How’s the weather down there?’ because he’s tall,” he began. “And I said, ‘Same as it is up there: changing at a pace not before seen in the history of man. Your legacy is pointless. Our people and our memories will all burn.'”

Watch Pitt’s surprise cameo above.