By Ruth Kinane
May 02, 2018 at 09:52 AM EDT

If you thought James Corden and Benedict Cumberbatch onstage together seemed like a dream collaboration, think again…

Cumberbatch stopped by Tuesday’s The Late Late Show  to promote a little movie you might have heard of it: Avengers: Infinity War. The appearance included a skit of the actor and the show’s host reminiscing about their stage careers together and things get just a little bit tense.

“Benedict Cumberbatch and I, we go way back,” begins Corden. “As two young theater pups we starred in numerous stage productions together and it was great, it was. The only problem was Benedict was always a little bit jealous of me.” Cue an incredulous “Jealous of him?!” response from the Infinity War star.

The bit then flashes back to the two taking to the stage for a rendition of Hamlet with Cumberbatch in the titular role, while Corden barges on stage claiming he knew Yorick “a little bit better” than Hamlet/Cumberbatch did. But Cumberbatch gets even when a production of Waiting for Godot comes along and he appears onstage as Godot in rollerblades, sipping a cold brew and running late because “traffic was jammed on the freeway.” “I am your Godot fo’ sho’,” quips the actor.

Sadly that isn’t the end of the onstage shenanigans as the duo keep one-upping each other. There’s a production of The Crucible that Corden ruins by tap dancing in a bright red onesie and devil horns, but Cumberbatch gets the final say when he crashes Corden’s performance of “Memory” in Cats, dressed as a dog and rapping “Who Let the Dogs Out.”

Watch the clip in full above to decide who you think came out on top.

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