We kind of see it now that he pointed it out

By Dana Schwartz
May 01, 2018 at 03:36 PM EDT
John Shearer/Getty Images; Katie Yu/The CW

In his recent appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers, comedian John Mulaney plugged his new Netflix special Kid Gorgeous, but he also brought an astonishing revelation to light: He sometimes gets mistaken for the Flash, a.k.a. actor Grant Gustin.

“This has been happening a lot. I’m not saying I look like The Flash, but…” John Mulaney began, “It’s happened enough that I need to say something. I’m not the Flash.”

Flash-comparison talk starts around 3:48.

There are plenty of celebrity look-a-likes that immediately register — Tom Hardy and poor man’s Tom Hardy, Logan Marshall-Green; or Logan Marshall-Green and even-poorer-man’s Tom Hardy, Jai Courtney — but John Mulaney and Grant Gustin don’t initially come to mind.

But hmmm…

Now, that he’s pointed it out, we’re definitely starting to see it: They’re both attractive white boys. They both have mastered the sculpted side-part, which means they basically have the same hair. Mulaney has nearly a decade on Gustin, but somehow they both look like the high school junior who’s planning on asking you to homecoming. Certified doppelgänger.

There has to be some way we can get John Mulaney onto The CW… Maybe there’s an alternate dimension where Barry Allen has an older brother? Weirder things have happened.

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