The 'Cosby Show' alum plays a major role in the drama's final episodes of season 1

By David Canfield
April 30, 2018 at 10:00 AM EDT

The Resident (2011 movie)

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Dr. Bell (Bruce Greenwood) has his eye on one man to join the gang at Chastain Park: Malcolm Jamal-Warner.

The Emmy-nominated actor joins the cast of The Resident on Monday night’s episode as Dr. AJ Austin, Chastain’s newest cardiothoracic surgeon. But first, he has to be convinced to make the jump over — and with his quirky, somewhat volatile personality, that might not be so easy. In an exclusive clip from the new episode (above), you can see Bell try to woo Austin over at one of his favorite local spots.

“Your reputation precedes you. That’s a lie: I know nothing about you,” Austin quips to Bell in the clip. “Though I assume you are a surgeon whose passion for cutting was snuffed out by his fondness for the good ol’ American Dream.”

Elsewhere in Monday night’s episode, Conrad and Devon vie to save the life of a doctor who fell through the hospital skylight, Nic fears that she’s being followed after visiting an oncologist who used to work with Lane, and Mina is tasked with showing Dr. Austin around the hospital, even as she’s taken aback by his prickly demeanor.

Watch the clip above to see how Austin, who will play a significant role over The Resident‘s final episodes of season 1, joins the team. As he tells Bell: “I do like a good underdog story.”

The Resident airs Monday nights at 9:00 p.m. EST on Fox.

The Resident (2011 movie)

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  • 91 minutes