By Natalie Abrams
April 30, 2018 at 02:11 AM EDT
Giovanni Rufino/ABC
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Warning: This story contains major spoilers from Sunday’s episode of Deception. Read at your own risk.

Did Cameron Black survive his run-in with death by suffocation?

Here’s the good news: Yes, he did! But Sunday’s episode of Deception certainly made viewers sweat, waiting until late in the hour to reveal how he survived.

First, the episode flashed back to the aftermath of the Mystery Woman (Stephanie Corneliussen) abducting Cameron (Jack Cutmore-Scott). She wanted him to help her steal the Rockefeller diamond, but when he wouldn’t comply, she offered Cam video that would exonerate his twin brother, Johnny.

Alas, she reneged on the deal, but the hour did reveal something massive that was first teased in the pilot, when MW was disappointed that Cameron didn’t remember her. During Sunday’s episode, she brought up Reykjavik and the aurora borealis, which Cameron didn’t recall — because he had never been there. It’s Johnny who crossed paths with MW 20 years prior, so she’s been targeting the wrong brother all along!

“She needs Johnny to accomplish her plan, but unfortunately, she ruined his life and got him locked in prison,” executive producer Chris Fedak tells EW. “She can’t just march into prison and apologize. This is going to require some finesse.”

In the meantime, we will get to see more of that episode-ending flashback featuring a young MW and Johnny, which will provide insight into how he made such an impression on her. “We’ll definitely fill in some of the blanks of MW’s past,” Fedak says. “I’ll say this: Her upbringing was even more dysfunctional than Cameron and Jonathan’s.”

Earlier in the hour, while in captivity, Cameron also discovered that MW has been stealing items to rebuild the setting of an antique photo, which includes his great grandfather — viewers now have their first major hint of MW’s ultimate endgame. “MW’s work with Bishop, her various deceptions, and her manipulation of Cameron and Jonathan are all interconnected,” Fedak says. “That picture is the key.”

Deception airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.


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