Author Neil Gaiman posted a photo of the cast at the House on the Rock
Credit: Jan Thijs/Starz

It’s been a rocky road, but American Gods season 2 is on its way — though fans will have to wait until 2019 to see it. Starz posted a video on Monday showing the cast and crew of the fantasy series (based on the Neil Gaiman fantasy novel of the same name) beginning production on season 2.

American Gods is coming back for a new season, and we have just started production,” Gaiman says in the video. “Things are gonna get darker, things are gonna get more dangerous.”

Fans of the book will recognize the main locale seen in the video: the House on the Rock, the meeting place for a conference between the gods. Season 1 of American Gods featured the mysterious Mr. Wednesday (Ian McShane) and his new assistant Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle) seeking out the remaining Old Gods scattered across America in the hopes of building a united front against the rise of New Gods like Media (Gillian Anderson) and Technical Boy (Bruce Langley). Season 2, it seems, will finally feature Wednesday assembling his fellow Old Gods at the Biggest Carousel in the World to discuss his game plan, in one of the most memorable sequences from Gaiman’s novel.

“Me? What am I doing? Oh just hanging out with gods and mortals at the House on the Rock,” Gaiman wrote in a tweet featuring him standing next to the main cast. “Why, yes, that is the Biggest Carousel in the World. Nothing special.”

American Gods season 2 has had a hard time getting started after losing showrunners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green in the wake of the well-received first season. Starz CEO Chris Albrecht admitted as much in January, telling reporters, “We’re having some trouble getting the second season underway.” Jesse Alexander has since taken over as the new showrunner. Now that production has officially begun, look for American Gods season 2 in 2019.

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