By Mary Kate Carr
April 27, 2018 at 12:39 PM EDT
Credit: Raymond Bonar/NBC/NBC NewsWire
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In 2018, “Don’t @ me” is part of regular Twitter-speak. But in 1994, the hosts of the Today Show would not have known how to pronounce that sentence.

On Thursday, Katie Couric shared a hilarious ’90s clip on Instagram from her time as a host on Today at the dawn of the internet era. (Imagine trying to explain “Instagram,” “hashtags” and “tbt” to 1994 Katie Couric.) “Happy Thursday everyone! Remember when we didn’t know what internet was? ? Crazy to think about now, right?” She wrote in the caption.

The clip features Couric, cohost Bryant Gumbel, and Elizabeth Vargas debating how to pronounce the “@” symbol. “Katie said she thought it was about,” Gumbel says in the clip, later asking, “What is internet, anyway?”

Couric pegged the throwback video to the most recent episode of her National Geographic show America Inside Out With Katie Couric, which talked about how technology is changing our brains.

However, it’s not the first time the clip has resurfaced: Couric and Gumbel spoofed the moment in a BMW commercial during the 2015 Super Bowl, above.

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