The 'First Drafts of Rock' are back!

Continuing Jimmy Fallon‘s favorite pastime of performing classic songs dressed as music icons, the Tonight Show host reunited with Kevin Bacon for another installment of “First Drafts of Rock.” This time, their segment, which involves them singing the “first draft” of a famous rock song, tackled The Guess Who’s “American Woman.”

The first two lines were just like the original that fans of the band know and love. It was afterwards when things got weird.

“Canadian dentist, listen what I mean/ Canadian dentist, keepin’ my teeth clean,” Bacon sang.

This was followed by lyrics involving an “Australian lawyer,” “Mexican tutor,” “Brazilian locksmith,” “Jamaican accountant,” “Turkish beekeeper,” “Italian umpire,” “Latvian midwife,” “Dominican blogger,” and “Greek Uber driver.”

Not all lyrics work out, guys!

Over the course of these “First Drafts,” Fallon and Bacon performed unique renditions of Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin‘,” Peter, Paul, and Mary’s “Blowin’ in the Wind” (with a special appearance by Bacon’s wife Kyra Sedgwick), and ZZ Top’s “Legs” (with an appearance by Chris Stapleton).

Burton Cummings, the former lead singer of The Guess Who, gave the duo a shoutout on Twitter.

“It was an honor playing you,” Fallon wrote back.

Watch the musical rendition of what could’ve been (but not really ’cause it was just a sketch) above.

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