By Samantha Highfill
April 27, 2018 at 01:00 PM EDT

In one season, Good Girls‘ Ruby, Beth, and Annie have gone from being mothers with money problems to criminals to … masterminds? At least they’re hoping that last part is true as the finale sees them decide to take down the man in charge of the entire criminal operation, the surprisingly sexy Rio. And considering he recently fired them, they need to take him down before he decides they’re not worth keeping around. “They’re heading into a very fraught situation which is: We gotta nail this guy to something before he kills us,” Good Girls showrunner Jenna Bans says. “They’re realizing Rio means business and we are expendable at this point, we’re no longer of any use to him. So they’re definitely feeling the heat and the finale opens up with us smack dab right in the middle of that situation and it’s a race against the clock to try to think of a way to get Rio arrested or taken care of before he takes care of them. And it’s not such an easy feat to accomplish because, as Ruby points out early in the finale, if it was so easy the FBI would’ve done it.”

And to make things even more complicated, the finale sees Ruby in need of some major cash when her daughter Sara finally gets the opportunity for a kidney transplant. “It’s what should be a very joyful situation for Ruby and her family, but what they realize early on in the finale is that you have to be able to pay for it,” Bans says. “If you don’t have great health insurance, the awful reality you’re facing is you need to be able to cough up close to $100,000 on the spot and if you can’t, they give it to the next person on the list. So it really is the highest imaginable stakes for Ruby and her family. As much as the women need to put Rio away, they also have Sara’s needs echoing in their brains throughout the finale too. They got in this for their families and they’re going to get out of it for their families.”

Both situations come together to create an action-packed hour that will test just how much the women have learned in season 1. “It’s a race from beginning to end,” Bans says. “The finale is very fun and very fast and very high stakes.”

Watch an exclusive sneak peek from the finale above.

Good Girls airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.

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