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What can we expect from the next episode of The 100? — Kenya
The premiere left us with that tantalizing shot of Octavia watching over the fighting pits, and episode 2 will only delve deeper into what’s really going on underground. Expect to see exactly how Octavia ended up in the hot seat (here’s a hint: she gets some help from a VERY unlikely ally), and to watch her in what might be her most badass, bloodiest scene yet.

I’ll take anything Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Jake and Amy’s wedding! — Sam
Among the wedding guest list is a very surprising face. “Get ready for a heartfelt cameo from season 1,” EP Dan Goor says. While he wouldn’t elaborate on who, here’s what Melissa Fumero teases about said mystery person: “Having him come back was so perfect,” she says. “There was our little moment where we weren’t sure if we were going to be able to get him. But when we did, it just felt like such a huge win.”

Please tell me we haven’t seen the last of Gabriel on Supernatural!? — Ann
You definitely haven’t seen the last of Gabriel. This week’s episode not only features him prominently, but you’ll finally get some answers about how he ended up in Asmodeus’ possession — and those answers will actually lead to viewers finding out some information that dates all the way back to Gabriel’s first run on the series.

What can you tease of Diggle’s appearance on The Flash? — Scott
You are going to see two very different sides of Diggle during the hour, as he plays into DeVoe’s upcoming plans for Fallout, who we know is in A.R.G.U.S. custody. “You get to see Diggle come in and tear through some A.R.G.U.S agents,” David Ramsey teases. “It’s always fun to go to Flash because Flash is all light.” Speaking of, there was a rather hilarious scene I witnessed on set when Diggle arrives in the Cortex. Let’s just say trashcans are involved.

How will Tilly react to the news that Eloise is her mom on Once Upon a Time? — Kelly
“It’s not a good reunion,” Rose Reynolds offers, revealing that Friday’s hour will unearth Gothel’s backstory as she tries to recruit Tilly into the Coven of Eight. “I seem to be the missing link. I have to make a choice between my mother and my father.”

Any scoop on The Blacklist finale? — Keri
I can exclusively reveal that Julian Sands and John Waters will both guest star in the season finale. Waters will appear as himself in a scene with Red where the master criminal and Waters share their unique sense of style. Sands, meanwhile, will play Sutton Ross, a corporate spy who specializes in stealing valuable research. Sutton was betrayed during a sensitive business deal several years ago, and has hated Raymond Reddington, the man he believes is responsible, ever since. Cutthroat and clever, Ross seizes an opportunity he’s waited 30 years to take. The season 5 finale will also include a number of surprise returning faces, but I have to keep them, well, a surprise. Sorry!

Any scoop on Supergirl’s showdown with the Worldkillers on Supergirl? — Jeanie
Would you believe me if I told you that you’re actually going to see it sooner rather than later? Well, you are. Here’s what EP Robert Rovner says about the showdown: “It’s going to be epic. What’s great about this season is that what makes it powerful and exciting is that it’s really emotionally charged. Because the final solution is about saving your friend, it focuses on how they’ll accomplish that.”

I’ll take Timeless scoop! — James
When the Time Team tries to save women’s right to vote, they’ll find a surprising (but temporary) ally in the last place you’d expect.

So Quantico‘s been going through some changes. What can we expect to see from this reboot? — Marc
A lot, according to showrunner Michael Seitzman, whose thoughts you can read here. But star Priyanka Chopra adds that season 3, which includes 13 episodes, will be, as she puts it, a “whodunit” that capitalizes on the series’ new tone. “There’s a very, very different perspective,” she teases. “The show to me is completely new.”

I need any Deception spoiler after what happened in the last episode. — Iara
Mystery Woman has ulterior motives in her attempt to recruit Johnny — but they are definitely not what you’re thinking. EP Chris Fedak teases that Johnny did actually consider her offer, even briefly. “Wouldn’t you?” he says. “Any offer to escape is enticing, but he also knows MW isn’t to be trusted. Cameron, he trusts. He also wants her to spend the rest of her life in jail, which kinda hurts the whole ‘teaming up’ idea.”

This week in TV: I don’t tend to cry at weddings, but for this onesniff. Excuse me.

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Additional reporting by Samantha Highfill, Shirley Li, and Dan Snierson.

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