By Mary Kate Carr
April 26, 2018 at 12:39 PM EDT
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If you were hoping the Trump/Kanye brofest had ended with yesterday’s tweetstorm, today’s Fox & Friends installment proved otherwise.

During a rambling half-hour phone interview, the president spoke to Fox & Friends hosts Brian Kilmeade, Ashley Earhardt, and Steve Doocy about a variety of topics before coming to Kanye West’s declaration of support. Earhardt began, “He tweeted that he loves you, that you’re his brother—”

“He has good taste,” the president interrupted.

Trump attributed West’s support to historically low unemployment in the black community (an oft-repeated though incorrect point, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics). “You know, I have known Kanye a little bit, and I get along with Kanye. I get along with a lot of people, frankly,” Trump said. “He sees that stuff, and he’s smart. And he says, ‘You know what, Trump is doing a much better job than the Democrats did.'”

Mentioning that Chance the Rapper also tweeted, writing, “Black People don’t have to be Democrats,” Doocy asked if Trump thought the black community had been ignored by Republicans of the past. “You know, I think it was just a custom. People don’t realize, you know, if you go back to the Civil War, it was the Republicans that really did the thing. Lincoln was a Republican,” Trump said. “Somehow it changed over the years, and I will say, I really believe it’s changing back. Remember, I was gonna get no black votes, I was gonna get none? Well, I got a lot! I got a lot of support. You know, I should have gotten much more.”

Trump heaped praise on Candace Owens, a YouTube personality and supporter whom West mentioned in one of his tweets, calling her “the hottest thing out there right now.” He also weighed in on Shania Twain, who came out with an apology after fans were upset by her claim she would have voted for Trump.

“Well, I’ll tell you what happened. Shania, who I think is terrific, but she made a mistake by sort of saying, ‘I wish I didn’t go public with it,’ but we know how she feels,” he said. “But people have done that, and they’re amazed at what happens to their business. Because we have tremendous support. We have tremendous fans.”

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