Things are getting ever more complicated for the students of Winchester University in the new trailer for Dear White People season 2.

Winchester continues to be a pressure cooker of racial tensions, and unsurprisingly, the students have very different ideas about how to address it. Sam (Logan Browning) is back in the audio booth for her polarizing radio show, while her ex Gabe (John Patrick Amedori) has begun filming a documentary called “Am I Racist?” Other white students are lashing out against the black student unions, including “Kirkland Signature Ann Coulter,” who not-so-reassuringly claims, “I am not a white nationalist.”

Meanwhile, Sam’s desire to bring attention to the movement in the first season has been fulfilled, but there are consequences, including a racist troll targeting her online and in person — a story which creator Justin Simien told EW will be one of this season’s central mysteries. Unfortunately, it seems that the threat of campus police with firearms still haunts the students of color at Winchester, as the trailer offers a glimpse of Reggie (Marque Richardson) staring down one such officer, who reaches for his gun.

Dear White People season 2 debuts on Netflix on May 4. Watch the trailer above.

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