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“It owned a generation of girls,” says Nick Bakay (Salem) of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. From 1996 to 2003, the beloved sitcom ran for seven seasons, beginning with four on ABC as part of the TGIF line-up, and then moving to the WB for its final three seasons and Sabrina’s college years. And now the series is celebrating its fifteenth anniversary.

In its seven years on air, the magical sitcom about a teenage witch, her two aunts, and her high school friends became a worldwide phenomenon, enchanting viewers with talking pet cats, flying vacuum cleaners, and magical hijinks.

When EW reunited the cast of Sabrina the Teenage Witch at Stan Lee’s L.A. Comic Con last fall, we discovered the show holds just as special a place in their hearts as it does for the audience members who grew up watching it. Caroline Rhea, who played Aunt Hilda, calls the series and its enduring popularity “sort of a miracle.”

Creator Nell Scovell tells EW one of the most special parts of the show is how it continues to resonate with fans today. “The girls who were 10 when they started watching are now in their 30s, and it’s so much fun,” she says. “Like if I go to a meeting and someone meets me at the elevator and as we’re walking to her boss’ office she’ll often lean in and say, ‘Oh my god I loved Sabrina.’ And that always makes me feel really happy.”

Beth Broderick, who portrayed Sabrina’s wise and rational Aunt Zelda, says she still hears from fans who looked up to her as a parental figure. “I still have young women come up to me and say, ‘You were my childhood, you’re like my second mom. I listened to your advice when I was 9 and you were right.'”

Melissa Joan Hart, who starred on the show and whose mother produced it, fondly remembers the role as the most defining one of her career. “Every actor wants to have that one role that’s iconic, that speaks to people, that people relate to it,” she says. “When fans come to us and say, ‘We grew up with you,’ that is the biggest compliment we could ever receive for working hard all those years… It just makes us feel good that so many people enjoyed it and enjoyed our work and what more can you ask for?”

To celebrate 15 years since the show debuted and for more from the cast reunion, watch the video above.

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