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Westworld (TV series)

The last shot of the Westworld season 2 premiere left some viewers confused: Who was that body floating in the lake at the very end?

[Spoilers] Given the condition of the corpse and the final dim watery angle the character was tough to identify. But we’ve confirmed it’s none other than Dolores’ constant companion and storybook lover Teddy (James Marsden). Teddy was apparently caught up in an epic deluge along with hundreds of other hosts that occurred sometime during the 11 days after Dr. Ford’s death. Bernard took responsibility for the event, saying he “killed them all.”

Teddy’s last name, by the way, is Flood.

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If you don’t know why or how the hosts were killed, or why Bernard did it, or if any hosts survived, or why there was a tiger, of all things, among the victims … that’s okay! All of those things have yet to be explained (well, the tiger, we’re told, is from “Park 6” — which means the hosts in other parks are off their loops too and can now break the boundaries of their assigned park … but that’s all we know about that other mysterious park as this time).

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