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Westworld (TV series)

In its season 2 premiere, Westworld just solved one of the HBO drama’s biggest mysteries — and did so in a surprisingly casual manner.

From the moment the show premiered in 2016, fans have wondered about the sci-fi theme park’s location. Where was this place, exactly? In an early scene in Sunday’s return (spoiler warning), a new character named Karl Strand (Gustaf Skarsgård) is introduced. Strand is leading the team sent in by Delos to regain control of the Wild West park after its android hosts went on a murderous rampage. In the scene, Strand is confronted by an unnamed man in a military uniform who’s apparently objecting to his presence.

“Escort him off my f—ing island,” Strand declares, and fans lean forward — island?!

So, yes, those who guessed Delos’ six theme parks were on an island were correct.

Moreover, the military official is played by an Asian actor speaking Chinese. That suggests the show is trying to tell us — unless there’s a major misdirect going on — that the show is in territory controlled by China, such as an island in the South China Sea. Given the show takes place sometime later in the 21st century, it’s also possible China has since expanded its territory.

One major theory has been that Westworld takes place on another planet entirely. While tonight’s revelation doesn’t debunk that idea, it sure does feel less likely.

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