The 'Karate Kid' found a new opponent


Anthony Mackie thought he was just gonna play your standard game of Karate Piñata — martial arts mixed with a bunch of piñatas — on The Tonight Show, but he never expected who his opponent would be.

Host Jimmy Fallon brought out the Karate Kid himself, Ralph Macchio, in honor of the new YouTube Red sequel series coming out later this month.

Each actor took turns standing blindfolded in a ring surrounded by four rotating piñatas, tasked with kicking as many as possible with 20 seconds on the clock.

It sounded like fun when Fallon explained the rules to Mackie, but then he introduced Macchio. “No! Come on!” he exclaimed.

Even with all his Avengers: Infinity War-level glutes, Mackie was able to kick down two piñatas. It wasn’t enough to combat Macchio’s skills. The Cobra Kai star struck his iconic one-legged pose and executed his final game-winning blow.

Watch the game play out above.

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