By Mary Kate Carr
April 19, 2018 at 09:33 AM EDT

The combination of sharks and tornados has proven to be a winning recipe in the Sharknado series. So on Wednesday night, The Late Late Show previewed a new natural disaster even more huge and powerful: a Shaqnado.

The brilliant minds behind Sharknado and Shaq to the Future present a new disaster film with an athletic twist. After an urgent storm warning from newscaster Tracee Ellis Ross, Corden observes a tornado beginning to form over a basketball court and advises costar Victoria Beckham, a.k.a. Dr. Poshowitz, to head home.

“I took an oath,” she replies dramatically, “And I’m not going anywhere.”

The pair suits up to fight a cyclone of swirling Shaquille O’Neals, but their meager weapons are no match for a storm full of basketball Hall of Famers. “I’ve got an idea,” Corden proposes. “The only way to defeat the Shaqnado is to make it shoot a free throw!”

Their plan to fly into the eye of the Shaqnado with a load of basketballs almost works, until their helicopter crashes into the ground. Lying below, injured, the pair shares a tender, romantic moment – until Corden is hit with a giant, Shaq-sized shoe.

Just when they think they’ve defeated every last Shaq, one final Shaquille O’Neal crashes into their bar celebration. “Sorry about that. Excuse me,” he says politely. And that‘s how they beat Shaq.

Watch the full sketch above.