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Riverdale has never shied away from musical numbers, delivering everything from pop hits from Josie/Veronica and the Pussycats to Archie’s original songs (R.I.P. Archie’s musical dreams). But the show is going whole hog (get it? cause there’s pig’s blood?) with a musical episode this week featuring the students of Riverdale High bringing Carrie: The Musical to the stage.

Get your first look at two numbers from Wednesday’s episode in these sneak peeks. “In” is the debut number of the episode, featuring all your Riverdale faves including B&V, Archie-kins, Cheryl, Toni, and yes, even Midge and Kevin. The episode isn’t leaving the musical numbers to the stage, but instead working them into the action of the plot happening in the halls and homes of Riverdale. “In” showcases all the characters getting ready for the day and coming together for their first rehearsal of Carrie: The Musical.

“A Night We’ll Never Forget” features the cast backstage prepping in the dressing room to take the stage before transitioning to the number being performed on stage in the Riverdale High auditorium. Characters come out of the woodwork to join in the fun from Chuck Clayton to Moose to… Alice Cooper? What, you didn’t think the mother who has an inappropriate level of involvement in her children’s lives wouldn’t also be part of the school musical, did you?

For those that loved the first season’s 1950s Archie Comics flashback, this number also gives fans a chance to see the beloved comic characters in 1970s garb (gotta love Betty Cooper rocking that Farrah Fawcett hair). Carrie: The Musical is based on the film adaptation of Stephen King’s iconic novel. It was first produced in 1988 before being revived in New York in 2012.

The special Carrie: The Musical episode airs Wednesday on The CW at 8 p.m. The soundtrack to the episode will be available to stream and purchase after the episode airs.

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