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The secret is out: Jace is the Owl. Shadowhunters revealed Jace’s secret (even to him) identity two weeks ago, though no one inside the world of the show is aware just yet. While everyone else sleeps, Lilith has been using Jace to do her bidding, and according to star Dominic Sherwood, things are only going to get worse from here.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How did you prepare to play the Owl, such a different character from Jace?
DOMINIC SHERWOOD: It was hard. We had a huge discussion, especially because at the beginning, this character doesn’t say anything, so everything we tried to do was about a physicality and a movement. What we tried to do was make him move as much as possible like Will playing Jonathan, not only for the red herring but also because of the connection with Lilith. We thought the physicality of this character would be mirrored by Lilith’s interpretation of who Jonathan is. So we worked very hard and I talked to Will about this a bunch, and then went back and watched what he did with his physicality and how he walked and talked and held himself, and I tried as much as I could to mimic that as the Owl.

Is the Owl face all CGI?
It’s not CGI at all. It’s a mask. That was an exploration. They do the face mold which is no fun — you’re in a warm room, and they put this goo on your face, and you have to sit there for like an hour breathing through a tube. It’s a pretty rough day. Then they give it to you and it feels funny wearing it, and then you can’t really breathe properly and you can’t see. The first scene I did, we had these rain towers up, and I couldn’t see through the lenses because they’re foggy. They’re also tinted, and it was night so everything was really dark. Then what we found out is that the masks leaked and the lenses started to fill up with water. That was difficult. And the pants ripped, too, literally from my belly button all the way to the small of my back. That was fun. Because every time this creature possesses someone, he kneels over them and holds their face. And sure enough, I kneeled down and [my pants] ripped all the way through. Thank god I chose to even wear underwear that day, but I chose to wear bright orange underwear, which everybody saw. All around it was a pretty difficult day, and we all learned a lot about changes we had to make to the Owl’s costume. [Laughs]

How is Jace going to react to finding out he’s the Owl?
Jace doesn’t find out until late in the season because he’s still possessed. He still has no idea what’s going on. He’s the last person to find out, and as far as his reaction, it’s not good. We also haven’t seen the worst of the Owl yet. We haven’t seen the worst of this creature, we haven’t seen the depths of depravity that Lilith is going to make this creature go to. It gets much, much worse. This is about revenge for Lilith more than anything. She wants to use this creature for his abilities and to get what she wants, but at the end of it, she’s going to destroy him. She’s going to take a mean swing at it, trust me.

How does being the Owl affect his relationships?
The relationships are tricky. It’s difficult, like when Alec approached him about losing his mind, he snapped at Alec. That kind of snap to aggression isn’t something that we see in that relationship very often, especially when Alec has come to him with such concern. In the next episode, we see them come together and discuss Jace’s situation a little bit more, which is nice. But what Lilith is trying to do is going to have an effect on all of them because what we’re going to find out more and more is that this creature has Jace’s memories, so he knows how to get to Alec and how to get to Clary and how to get to Izzy and how to get to Magnus. It’s this creature trying to destroy Jace through his friends. It’s really quite awful.

Shadowhunters airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Freeform.

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