By Mary Kate Carr
April 16, 2018 at 09:16 AM EDT
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John Mulaney’s hosting gig on Saturday Night Live had its fair share of high-wattage cameos and silly make-up and costuming, but the cut-for-time short Fish Dreams brings the absurdity to a new level.

Kyle Mooney appears as Fish Man, the beloved star of The Shape of Water. His thinks he should capitalize on the momentum – Scorcese wants him for Fishfellas — but Fish Man wants to pursue his own passion, photography. His best friend and fellow fish man, Roger (played by Mulaney) comes to his new gallery opening to get Fish Man’s blessing to star in the Fishfellas film. Roger adds, “Congrats on this. I mean, you like your work. Who cares how it turned out?”

As Roger’s star begins to rise, Fish Man falls on hard times, unable to sell his pictures. In a moment of inception, he watches while Roger hosts Saturday Night Live and announces his marriage to Adam Driver. Years later, Roger happens to stumble upon a homeless Fish Man on the street. Driver himself makes an appearance(!), as well as their son, Crispy. Roger decides to throw Fish Man a line, offering a part in his new project, Fishfellas the Musical.

In another cut for time sketch, Lucas Null gives a speech as best man at Mulaney’s wedding. Showing off an impressive set of pipes, Null sings an ode to meeting the bride (played by Cecily Strong) in secret. Unfortunately for the groom, Strong pulls out a mic of her own and sings along. They’re even joined by their third, Jack White, on guitar. “How do you know Jack White?” asks a bewildered Mulaney. “I mean, it’s kinda cool. Jack White played at my wedding!”

Watch Fish Man above, and see the Wedding Toast go off the rails below.

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