The Ellen DeGeneres Show
Credit: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

Six months after Jason Aldean's concert in Las Vegas became the site of a massacre, the country star stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday to reflect on his experience during and after the shooting. Aldean told Ellen DeGeneres that when shots first broke out toward the end of the performance, he assumed it was just concert feedback. In the aftermath of the shooting that killed 58 people and injured even more, Aldean told DeGeneres that his experiences with survivors helped him reach a new understanding of what had happened.

"It was tough to go back and see people in the hospital, some of them in comas and things like that. It was rough, one of the hardest things I probably ever had to do," Aldean said. "Seeing them and the strength they had, just happy to be alive and make it through that, allowed me to look at it in a different light, too. If these people can make it back and have that sort of attitude, I got nothing to be whining about."

Aldean released his eighth album, Rearview Town, on April 13. When he spoke with EW in March, Aldean explained his approach to talking about the shooting.

"I did SNL, and then I went back to Vegas and visited people in the hospital, but mostly I went underground and didn't really want to talk about it or deal with it," Aldean told EW. "I felt like it wasn't appropriate for me to have my face on every news channel."

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