By Lynette Rice
April 15, 2018 at 03:00 PM EDT

At the end of this week’s installment of The Good Fight, creators Robert and Michelle King inserted an animated primer on the Constitution and how it allows Congress to remove a U.S. president since “Republicans, Democrats, and In-Betweeners…no one likes high crimes and misdemeanors.”

The two-minute short harks back to the old Schoolhouse Rock interstitials that aired during ABC’s Saturday morning programming block — something the Kings very much wanted to re-create when they called upon Jonathan Coulton to write and perform the jingle. Head Gear of Toronto did the animation.

“We asked him if he could do these series of songs for the times we live in,” Robert King tells EW. “Originally, we wanted to place the song right before the main titles, but it felt like Head Gear’s animation — which we loved — was more obviously partisan than the episode, so we decided to do it at the very end. Originally, we wanted to do songs that would explain some quirk of the law that mattered in each episode, such as ‘mere puffery’ or ‘hearsay objections.’ But we never could get our ass in gear to make it happen. But that evolved into a modern Schoolhouse Rock series. And that seemed more doable.”

If you enjoyed lines from the short like “tiny hands that scratch and claw,” then we have good news: This won’t be the last time the Kings include the lively shorts. “We want to do one on microtargeting and the Facebook troubles, too,” Robert King said. “We still like the legal songs idea. Maybe next season.”

The second season of The Good Fight is currently streaming on CBS All Access.

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