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Going into this weekend’s Saturday Night Live, there were a few things you could safely assume the show would do. There would probably be some jokes about Trump lawyer Michael Cohen and the political news of the week, host John Mulaney would show off his standup skills in the monologue, and musical guest Jack White would perform.

One thing that literally no one was expecting was an elaborate, lobster-themed parody of Les Miserables.

The sketch opens in a diner, with Pete Davidson and Chris Redd as two friends eating together and Mulaney as the waiter. When Davidson orders the lobster, Kenan Thompson emerges as an enormous bearded lobster in a tank and launches into an emotional rendition of Jean Valjean’s ballad, “Who Am I?”

“Who am I, and why am I condemned to boil alive when all that I have done is live my life?” Thompson sings.

From there, it escalates into a full-blown musical number, with a chorus belting, “Do you hear the lobster scream, screaming the scream of scalding flames?”

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Les Miserables
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