The Hulu series will return Sept. 6, just in time to tackle the midterm elections

By Oliver Gettell
April 15, 2018 at 03:38 PM EDT
I Love You, Amerca
Credit: Robyn Von Swank/Hulu
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Sarah Silverman will continue spreading love at Hulu.

The streaming service announced Sunday that it has renewed the comedian’s topical variety show I Love You, America for a second season. The new season will comprise 11 episodes, kicking off Sept. 6.

Featuring monologues, studio bits, and field segments, I Love You, America “aims to venture out of our echo chambers and connect unlike-minded people.” In season 2, Silverman will be returning just in time to tackle the midterm elections.

Last fall, she told EW, “I’d say that the show is less about the politics of each day and more of this moment in time. It’s political just by virtue of being made in this moment in history. There isn’t anything that’s not political that’s being made right now, whether they know it or not.”

In a characteristically cheeky statement about the renewal, Silverman said, “I am fundamentally changed with each episode, each interview, each encounter. By the end of this I will likely be a butterfly. Or a really colorful moth.”

I Love You America

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