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If you’ve watched any of The Handmaid’s Tale you’ll know that The Republic of Gilead, where the show is set, is anything but a fun place to be. But star and producer Elisabeth Moss couldn’t be happier when she is working on the Hulu series. “It’s what I really love to do, so for me, it’s my happy place. When we wrap for this season I’m going to be sad to leave everyone and I’m going to miss playing June.”

This season sees June pregnant and wrestling with the conflicting feelings that come with. “For me, so much of what I’m trying to do with season 2 was to really move June to the voice [we hear] in the voice-overs. The June that’s narrating isn’t the June we see in the flashbacks, she’s someone who has been to Gilead,” Moss says. So I’d like to see us moving towards that June. She starts to speak up more in season 2 — she’s badass and vocal and she’s not as good at keeping her mouth shut. She gets crushed and reborn a couple of times this season but she also finds the strength she never knew she had and rises like a phoenix. All season long she’s finding her own form of resistance.”

After all, in 2018 (of all years) resistance is always a stirring proposition. “This show inspires me as a woman just as it does any other fan,” says Moss. “I truly draw inspiration and strength from the script and the book and these characters. I’ve learned a lot from doing this show.” She laughs. “I’m not that serious an actor, and I hate it when people say, ‘Oh, this character has changed me,’ ‘Oh, I’ve learned so much‘ — it makes me want to gag! But…I do actually feel like that.”

The Handmaid’s Tale returns to Hulu on April 25.

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