The Fox News host seems just as obsessed with crazed pandas as the old 'Colbert Report' host was
Credit: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert/Youtube

Stephen Colbert first became famous, on The Colbert Report, for playing a fictionalized, blowhard version of himself. These days, Colbert plays himself straight on the Late Show — but sometimes, he hears echoes of his old character in the strangest places. Colbert highlighted this on Tuesday night. Though a big news story the past few days has been the FBI raid of President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen, Colbert pointed out that Fox News host Tucker Carlson also dedicated time on his show Tuesday to a report about the apparent dangers of violent, sex-crazed pandas.

“Thank god Tucker is covering what historians will call ‘panda-monium,'” Colbert said. “Now obviously he didn’t have time to cover the Michael Cohen raid because he had to talk about this very in-depth report about pandas. It’s so complicated that I just want to take a moment to break down Tucker’s report for you. Basically, he said something really bad could happen, but it doesn’t.”

Carlson’s bit about how pandas might wipe out the human race if they weren’t so busy having sex 40 times a day comes off even stranger given its similarity to a Colbert Report rant from years ago. Colbert played a clip in which his old character went on about the unforeseen dangers of pandas: “For too long, our mortal enemies the Chinese have been using pandas’ cuteness to infiltrate our hearts. Never forget they are panda BEARS, godless killing machines.” The modern Colbert could come to only one conclusion.

“Tucker Carlson stole my bit!” Colbert declared. “And not just the panda thing. He also stole looking incredibly stupid while wearing an ill-fitting suit.”

Watch the full clip above.

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