The two teams proved to be evenly matched

By Christian Holub
April 11, 2018 at 09:13 AM EDT
Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

Jimmy Fallon busted out an old favorite on Tuesday night, pitting Tonight Show guests Jon Hamm and Emily Ratajkowski against each other in a game of Charades. Fallon teamed up with Ratajkowski, while Hamm got paired with The Roots’ frontman Black Thought.

It soon became clear that the two teams were pretty evenly matched. When Fallon and Ratajkowski eagerly celebrated their first score — thanks to her deciphering the host’s walrus impression — Hamm warned them not to celebrate just yet. He then figured out Black Thought’s clue about The Horse Whisperer in even shorter time. The two teams exchanged blows again in the second round, where Ratajkowski’s chicken impression got Fallon to guess Chicken Run, and Hamm got Black Thought to A Wrinkle in Time based mostly on the “time” clue (“I didn’t know where I was going with ‘wrinkle,'” Hamm noted afterward).

All tied up, the teams went into the final round together. Hamm and Ratajkowski both acted out clues at the same time for their respective teams. This time, they were tasked with acting out “Drunk in Love.” Fallon proved he may be even more familiar with the work of Beyoncé and JAY-Z than Black Thought when he guessed the song title first. No hard feelings, though; all four players ended the game by jumping up and down shouting “we’re all winners!”

Watch the full clip above.

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