By Dalton Ross
April 10, 2018 at 11:30 AM EDT
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The Walking Dead’s season 8 finale on April 15 is almost upon us. And that most likely means that at least one character will not be making out of the season alive. Last year, it was Sonequa Martin-Green’s Sasha. The year before saw the demise of Michael Cudlitz’s Abraham (although that was not revealed until the following premiere, which also saw the death of Steven Yeun’s Glenn). So whose number will be called for this season finale? We rounded up the seven most likely suspects.

Okay, spoilers from the comic book coming, so look away now if you don’t want to know what happens there. In the comic, Rick spares Negan’s life because he wants him to live and see the new world they build without him. Instead of killing him, he puts Negan in a jail cell in his basement.

But the person in the comic who really wants Negan dead at the end of the war is… Carl. Yes, the same Carl who in the TV version is already gone and has been preaching peace from beyond the grave. With Carl now out of the picture, how does that impact and potentially change how things play out on TV? The best guess is, not that much. Instead of Rick sparing Negan to prove a point to Carl, we’re thinking this time that Rick spares Negan to fulfill Carl’s wishes. But the end result in such a case would still be the same — Negan lives.

However, with Jeffrey Dean Morgan making movies (like Rampage, opening this weekend) and some fans ready to move on from the brutality of the Negan era, that safety is far from guaranteed. We also could easily see a situation where Rick makes the decision to not kill Negan but Negan then dies anyway (like, say, lunging at Rick after Rick had decided to spare him, thereby forcing someone to take him out). That would give Rick the emotional evolution Carl sought, while also removing the Negan piece off the board of play.

Dwight plays a major role in the comics after the war ends. In fact, the double-agent ends up leading the Saviors after Negan is jailed. There’s most likely too much good story to play out with Dwight to sacrifice him here. Then again, comic-book Negan never discovered during the war that Dwight turned double-agent as TV Negan just did, which puts Dwight in a bit of danger here. Still, we’re betting he lives to see another day… and another season.

Believe it or not, Gregory survives the war in the comics, and has a huge confrontation with Maggie after all that is said and done. But the Gregory on TV has been a more fully-fleshed out character that has already cheated death on multiple occasions when it appeared his ticket was ready to get punched. And while he may proclaim in a moment of drunken bravado that “I AM THE JUICE!,” the truth is that even a cat can only have so many lives and it may stretch the limits of believability to have Gregory once again escape unscathed. If a bad guy is going to fall in the finale, the chances of it being Gregory are as good as any.

With so many people that have wanted to kill Eugene at one point or another, it’s a miracle he’s still breathing. Then again, whether making up some mumbo-jumbo about the Human Genome Project or barfing all over his kidnapper, Eugene has proven time and time again that he will do anything necessary to survive. When all is said and done in this world, zombies, cockroaches, and Eugene are all that will be left.

We know her status for next season is in doubt, as Lauren Cohan does not yet have a new contract and has shot an ABC pilot for a show called Whiskey Cavalier. But all of that happened well after season 8 wrapped, meaning the network would not have had an opportunity to write her off the show once it became clear she may not want to return for what was being offered. Plus, the fact that cast members have been lobbying for her to get paid tells us that her character must still be among the living. Her fate in season 9, however, is another story entirely.

Wait, maybe he is dead already. Aaron certainly has looked better than when we last saw him passing out in the woods. (Although unlike season 7, at least he is not constantly being beaten up this time around.) Aaron has been sacrificing himself these past few weeks by living in the woods in the hopes of getting Oceanside to sign up for the resistance. Will that sacrifice prove to be the ultimate sacrifice? You have to feel that the Oceanside forces will most likely join the fight to help save the day in the finale, much like the Kingdom and Hilltop troops did in last year’s season-ender, which makes the main question whether Aaron will be by their side. The guess is that he will and that his efforts to bring Oceanside into the fold will help turn the tide in the final battle.

Honestly, how is this guy still alive? Father Gabriel has been living on borrowed time ever since he got locked in the zombie-surrounded trailer with Negan back in the season premiere. He then became a prisoner, got super sick, went half blind, got recaptured, was taken off the bullet factory line, was put back on the bullet factory line, and yet he’s still here. We’re guessing he’s the most likely to be killed in the last episode of the season. Then again, we’ve been saying that for every other episode so far and look where that got us. Maybe God really is looking out for this guy after all.

What do you think? Who is most likely to be killed in The Walking Dead season finale? Take our poll below.

The Walking Dead season 8 finale airs Sunday at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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