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Null and Annoyed
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Is Team Flash about to lose another member? That’s definitely a possibility on Tuesday’s The Flash.

In this week’s episode — which was directed by Kevin Smith — Breacher (Danny Trejo) travels to Central City because he needs Cisco’s (Carlos Valdes) help with a problem. However, he ends up offering his inter-dimensional bounty hunter job to Cisco, which would require Cisco leave Earth-1. Not only does Cisco have to worry about Team Flash, but he also has to consider what this could possibly mean for his relationship with Breacher’s daughter Gypsy (Jessica Camacho).

EW talked to Valdes to get more insight into Breacher’s offer, Cisco’s relationship with Gypsy, and Jessica Parker Kennedy’sMystery Girl.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So Breacher is returning in this week’s episode. What can you tease about his return?
CARLOS VALDES: So basically, Breacher is having problems with his powers, he’s facing off against a crazy vampire-like [creature] named Crucifer, and his powers are failing him. He can’t do his revive blast, so he asks his daughter, who would be sort of a potential candidate to help him get his powers back, and of course, knowing me, or knowing Cisco rather, she recommends the Flash. So Caitlin and Cisco are entrusted with the task of figuring out why Breacher is shooting blanks, so to speak. They find out it’s actually because he’s getting old. So then, Cisco’s responsibility in the episode is to tell Breacher that his powers aren’t working because he’s getting old, which is just about the last thing that you want to tell your girlfriend’s dad, so talk about awkward.

We don’t see Cisco and Gypsy together that much because of their inter-dimensional relationship. What is it like once they’re reunited?
It’s actually very difficult for them because Breacher gives Cisco an offer; he offers him a job on Earth-19 as a breacher. And so in the wake of that, Cisco has to weigh that prospect against his loyalties to Team Flash in Central City on Earth-1. That choice sort of brings up some feelings regarding where he stands with his relationship with Gypsy. And it actually complicates the long-distance relationship. So some of the problems that they encounter in the 20th episode of our fourth season are very analogous to the problems that many couples in a long-distance relationship experience in the real world. So that was very challenging to play, but it definitely represents a head, it represents a sort of open to complications between Cisco and Gypsy in their relationship, so that’s super interesting.

What can you tease with what’s next for the hunt for DeVoe, because they do have the last two of the bus metahumans?
I think that the biggest secret weapon that Team Flash has at its disposal at the moment is Harry’s [Tom Cavanagh] cap that he calls the intelligence booster. It seems to be the next logical step in taking down DeVoe, it’s matching intelligence using artificial means. However, that situation then sort of starts to get complicated because — I can’t say anything — so basically, Harry gets ahead of himself, and some dark secrets come out that complicate his relationship to the team and especially his relationship to Cisco. Harry can be a very stubborn guy, and if anybody can take the challenge of talking him out of that stubbornness, it’s Cisco.

Team Flash finally thinks its gotten ahead of DeVoe, but could this be exactly what DeVoe has wanted all along?
I think you hit the nail on the head. There’s no telling what part of Team Flash’s actions are predestined in DeVeo’s master strategy. DeVoe could have already foreseen that outcome. What makes it especially sinister is that he doesn’t possess the emotional attachment that I think can serve as a hindrance to Team Flash’s efforts to stop DeVoe. He’s cold, he’s calculating, and he will murder or alienate whomever he has to in order to accomplish his tasks.

Null and Annoyed
Credit: Katie Yu/The CW

Let’s talk about the mystery girl, played by Jessica Parker Kennedy. Can you tease a little bit about how that story might come to a head and if we should be worried about her being a foe instead of a friend?
The mystery girl in our story is kind of a funny one. Her role is especially to lay down these little clues, these little breadcrumbs for the viewers that ultimately start paying off in terms of establishing a trajectory to season five. So that’s I think what’s going to be the big pay off when we reach the season finale.

Do you guys know who she is, or were you trying to piece together these little breadcrumbs as well as you went along and got the scripts?
I try to be willfully ignorant about all the rumors and the reveals and all that stuff, but actors talk, actors love to talk, actors love to talk out loud. So I can’t help it that some of these reveals and resolutions have made their way into my brain, and now I know. It took me a while to figure it out, but enough of my co-workers talked and now I know the secret of who she is and what her role is in this story. And it’s lovely. It really is. It’s cute. I’m excited about it.

Has Cisco given any thought or worry to the thought that we got this hint that Caitlin sort of knew what Killer Frost was doing, she has those memories of Killer Frost wanting to protect her during Flash Time. Is there any worry at all to that?
I think that it’s actually a really interesting relationship to look at because Killer Frost has a faith in Caitlin and Caitlin is sort of developing a faith in Killer Frost. And I think we’re starting to reach a point in the story where these two characters that inhabit the same body are starting to recognize that they need each other, you know? And that can only make the relationship stronger. I [would] hate to see something threaten that relationship. God, that would be terrible, wouldn’t it?

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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