As has become tradition this season on Saturday Night Live, the NBC variety show kicked things off by getting in some digs in at President Donald Trump. Leslie Jones introduced the segment as the host of the Fox News show Outnumbered (“which is also how I feel at this network,” she says). After giving a brief Fox News Alert (“Mexicans!”), Jones switched over to covering an international press conference.

Alec Baldwin returned to reprise his role as the commander-in-chief, this time appearing alongside the leaders of Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia. Trump opened the presser reading a statement, which started with a note to himself: “Do not congratulate Putin,” referring to the Russian president’s recent re-election (it was the topic of the previous episode’s cold open where John Goodman’s Rex Tillerson shouted “I’ll give you a hint: Putin won!”).

But, Trump couldn’t help himself. Once he got through the statement, Trump started riffing at will, beginning with wishing Putin a “fantastic job” on his re-election.

After a brief thank-you from the president of Lithuania (Kate McKinnon), reporters were allowed to ask questions, much to Trump’s chagrin. All three of them touched on recent real-life Trump news stories: Cecily Strong asked about the nature of the president’s non-disclosure argument with porn star Stormy Daniels, which Baldwin deflected by throwing it to the President of Latvia — “Borat, you wanna take this one?” The Baltic leader responded with a phrase in his own language which translated to, “This man is lying.”

After taking questions from Aidy Bryant about Trump’s recent attacks on Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos (“He’s richer than me” and “he actually admits to being bald,” Trumps says) and about sending the National Guard to the Mexican border (there are “caravans full of immigrants” barreling across the desert with “freaky albino dudes shimmying around skinny little poles,” he says, which, it’s pointed out, is a description of Mad Max: Fury Road, or “Mad Maxicans,” as he put it), Trump finally lays it out on the table: “I’m the only one to say this: I don’t care about America. This whole presidency is a four-year cash grab, and admitting that will probably get me four more years.”

Watch the whole thing above.

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