SURVIVOR: Island of the Idols

Each week Jeff Probst will answer a few questions about the latest episode of Survivor: Ghost Island.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Kellyn gets sent back to Ghost Island, and this time she had a 2/3 chance of winning an advantage if she played as opposed to the 50 percent that she and Jacob had before. What brought about that change at this time?
JEFF PROBST: It was always the idea to up the stakes as the season progressed to make the temptation to risk your vote just a bit more appealing. As it gets deeper in the game, your vote becomes that much more valuable… but so does a game-changing advantage. So what do you do? And this season we have the added element of the Naviti tribe attempting to hold onto their numbers advantage, which makes it even trickier for Kellyn to risk her vote.

Kellyn gets Sarah’s steal-a-vote that took out Michaela on Game Changers, yet now it only has powers as an extra vote, and not stealing someone else’s. Why make that change this time around?
One of the ideas that we really liked for Ghost Island is that based on what happened the first time around, an advantage may have more — or less — power. If something has been living on Ghost Island for a long time, like Ozzy’s stick, maybe it has matured… or if something was horribly misplayed, maybe it lost some of its power. We felt like Michaela’s blown opportunity fell into the “horribly misplayed” category and had to come with an invoice! So we stripped some of the power. But an extra vote is still a game-changing advantage.

BONUS QUESTION! We saw the return of perhaps the two most famous props in Survivor history with Ozzy’s “f—ing stick” and Erik’s given-away immunity necklace, which begs the question: What is your favorite Survivor item ever and why?
Ah, man, that is so tough to answer, but if I had to choose just one, I would probably choose Erik’s given-away immunity necklace. It was just such a beautiful life lesson. I really liked Erik, and I do think he had a very good chance to win. But from a human behavior point of view, it was really entertaining. And people still talk about it to this day as being one of the craziest moves in the history of the game. Side note: We are so grateful to the players and Survivor memorabilia collectors who loaned us their items so we could do this season.

Bradley seemed to relish playing the Survivor villain, but he became insufferable even to his own allies. Size up his game and time on the island for us?
I think Bradley would concur that he is his own worst enemy. From the time we met him to the time he was voted out, he had one big issue: likability. And the thing is, he can be very likable. It’s as if he purposefully lights the fuse to his own stick of dynamite. He’s very bright. He’s clearly got a head for the strategy of Survivor. But man, the way he deals with people would make it very tough for him to win. And yet I loved having him on the show. He provided a lot of story and gave us everything we could ask for.

Finally, hit us up with a tease for next week!
There is SO much good stuff next week but so as to not give away too much — Dom, Wendell, Chris. I love all three of them. Could there be a meeting of the minds?

Check out an exclusive deleted scene above and also make sure to read our full episode recap and exit interview with Bradley. And for more Survivor scoop, follow Dalton on Twitter @DaltonRoss.

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