By Ernest Macias
April 05, 2018 at 03:41 PM EDT
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Are you ready for more schemes and false identities? Well you’re in luck because Bravo’s Imposters is back with a new action-packed season, and EW correspondent Ruth Kinane moderated a Q&A with the show’s co-creators and executive producers, Adam Brooks and Paul Adelstein, Wednesday night at The Crosby Hotel in New York City following a screening of the season 2 premiere for an insightful talk about what’s to come.

Adelstein, who joins the Imposters cast this season as Shelly Cohen, the evil ex-husband to Uma Thurman’s Lenny Cohen, shared with the audience some details about his character’s role in the show.

“A lot of con stories have this tiny bit of hyper-realism and magic, and I think that’s what Shelly and Lenny are,” says Adelstein.

But, don’t expect to learn everything about the Cohens just yet. The producers hope to share more of their story in season 3, “if there is, hopefully, a season 3,” adds Adelstein.

Brooks said that having Adelstein join the cast was always part of the original plan, but things quickly changed when Thurman showed interest in the project.

“Originally Paul was going to play Lenny Cohen and then Uma’s an old friend and I showed her the pilot just to show it, because she wanted to see it and she was like, ‘I really want to be in this show, do you have a part for me in the second season?’ I told her, ‘I think we have a part for you in the first season,'” recalls Brooks.

As for what to expect of the upcoming season, Brooks and Adelstein say it’s all about family and consequences, both external and internal, for Maddie (Inbar Lavi) and the Bumblers, played by Parker Young, Marianne Rendón, and Rob Heaps.

“Now that [Maddie] has done this thing for however many years, and she’s given little pieces of her soul, can she have a normal life? That’s a big question in season 2,” says Adelstein.

“For us it’s always been a show about family,” adds Brooks. “The family you’re born with and then the family they make. The Bumblers, as we call them, are so different but they make something together that surprises them and that’s their new family.” 

But it’s not all as sweet as it sounds, because living a con life is a hard life, as Adelstein puts it: “Part of what happens in season 2 is that the family gets very strained. As much as we love seeing them together, it gets very complicated for the three of them to be together.”

@BravoTV’s #Imposters season 2 premieres Thursday at 10 p.m. ET.

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