Credit: Shannon Doherty/Instagram

Shannen Doherty is “taking stock” of her life after receiving some unclear cancer test results.

On Wednesday, the Heathers actress posted a selfie on Instagram, revealing in the caption that she had recently undergone some cancer tests, and the results of one had shown elevated readings for a tumor maker, meaning she will now have to be more closely monitored.

Doherty was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, but shared the happy news that she was in remission last April.

She wrote on Wednesday that she remains optimistic, and the elevated test results could be due to a number of factors, including a lack of vitamin D.

“I’m staying positive and taking stock of my life,” she wrote on social media. “It certainly helps put things in perspective and reminds you of what you learned thru the cancer journey. And I sometimes, need a refresher. As I’ve said before, cancer changes your life in ways no one could ever imagine…”

Reiterating her positive mindset, Doherty signed off with the hashtag “stillacancerslayer.”

Doherty is currently working on Heathers for Paramount Network. The show’s premiere, originally slated for March, was delayed after the Parkland shooting on Feb. 14.

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