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Ready to see the opening of Netflix’s new sci-fi drama Lost in Space? EW has the show’s credits sequence exclusively above.

The credits bridge the 1960s original series and the new reboot by showing a montage of images from the U.S. space program and families over the decades, culminating with a glimpse into the show’s own not-too-distant future.

Series composer Christopher Lennertz explains how he employed legendary composer John Williams’ iconic theme from the original series: “I wanted to tease the show’s premise with a hint of the Alpha Centauri program theme, then a full statement of the new Lost In Space theme, followed by a triumphant finish that showcased Williams’ original theme from season 3 that people are so familiar with,” he said. “It was such an honor to be able to incorporate such a classic melody from the man who made me fall in love with film music from the very beginning. Zack and all the producers wanted the musical language of the Title sequence to set up the score for the rest of the story, and hopefully, we did just that. It’s a big story with family and adventure at the very heart. I tried to be grand and heroic, with a nod to exploration, and a hint of nostalgia. I hope it resonates with fans of the show, both old and new.”

In case you missed it, here’s the Lost in Space trailer:

The Robinsons — led by stars Toby Stephens (Black Sails) and Molly Parker (Deadwood) — is one of hundreds of families chosen for a colonization mission that goes horribly wrong when their ship is struck by an unknown calamity. They escape to an unknown Earth-type planet and struggle to survive, and soon discover they are not alone. The show is based on the original 1963 series that ran for three seasons

Lost in Space consists of 10 episodes and premieres April 13. Legendary Television and Lakeshore will be releasing the soundtrack on the same day.

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