The star and director behind 'A Quiet Place' had to break the news that he was married to Emily Blunt

John Krasinski is married to Emily Blunt. Apparently, not everybody knows this — certainly not the London Customs agent Krasinski dealt with while visiting his movie star wife during production on Mary Poppins Returns.

The actor and director behind A Quiet Place shared a brief, sobering encounter with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show Tuesday that proved he “married up.”

As Krasinski explained, he was going through the Customs process during one such trip when he came to “a guy who was about my age and he looked like he was ready to get a little surly with me.” Strike one came when the agent saw Krasinkski was an actor, queuing the uncomfortable explanation that he’s most known for remaking the British version of The Office for the U.S.

Strike two came when Krasinski revealed he came to visit his wife. All the agent had to say about that was, “You?! … You? You married Emily Blunt.”

Krasinski and Blunt teamed up for A Quiet Place, “a family movie that just happens to be scary,” Krasinski told EW on the film’s set. The story sees two parents and their children living a silent existence — not to become enlightened or anything, but to avoid making any noise that would attract the monsters roaming the surrounding woods.

Krasinski directed and starred alongside Blunt in the film, which the actress called an “eye-opening” experience. “We were terrified the night before,” she had remarked. “You just don’t know, you know? How you like to work and how you apply yourself at work and you don’t know if those processes are going to crack heads sometimes.”

“I’d forget she was my wife — which is hard to do — because she’s just that good,” Krasinski gushed of Blunt’s talents. “To let someone rip like that, and then they have the confidence to say, ‘What do you think we should do differently on the next take?’ You’re like, ‘Is there a next take? That was so good.’ I think it helped that we had so many discussions about character before shooting.”

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