By Samantha Highfill
April 04, 2018 at 01:45 PM EDT
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When Famous in Love ended its first season, Paige had a choice to make: Jake or Rainer. And when season 2 picks up two months later, she will be living a very different life. “She’s in a relationship, and she’s happy as a clam,” star Bella Thorne tells EW. “It is one of the two boys, and let me tell you, it’s not the right decision.”

But Paige’s happiness will be tested later in the season as she continues to deal with the highs and lows of fame, including one particular low: She’s getting a stalker. “It’s a little bit darker than season 1,” Thorne says of the season. “I get a stalker, which is very scary for Paige.”

Paige’s stalker will introduce her to a few new characters, though much of her time will still be spent with Cassie — whom Thorne says she’s on better terms with than she was last year — and Jake, who has a new woman in his life. “Jake has a new little storyline with a woman,” Thorne says, adding, “Tangey has a new storyline with a love interest as well.”

But apart from the romance of it all, there’s still the question of who shot Barrett, a mystery that Thorne says doesn’t play a big part in the season. “
It actually plays the smallest part. We do find out very quickly and there’s honestly so much other drama in this season, like what Rainer has to go through with his mom and this older male figure in his life,” Thorne says. “He’s literally a mess. He’s in rehab. He’s upset. He’s not talking to Nina. His life is so rough.”

All that being said, there is a bit of good news this season. “I learned that finally Paige can be a boss ass b—-,” Thorne says of season 2. “It was so annoying for me in the first season because I was like, ‘Stop getting stepped on!’ She definitely becomes a badass this season. She makes her own decisions, she says what she wants, and she fires her whole team, which is awesome.”

Famous in Love season 2 premieres April 4 on Freeform.

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