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For years fans wondered what happened after the season 4 finale of Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, where a super tot appeared in the final moments of what became an unintentional series finale.

“We didn’t write it as a series finale, it was just supposed to be a cliff­hanger,” executive producer Eugenie Ross-­Leming tells EW of leaving viewers wanting to know what happened to Lois and Clark after a baby wrapped in a blanket adorned with a Superman symbol was left with the couple.

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And while a revival of the show isn’t off the table for stars Teri Hatcher and Dean Cain, Ross-Leming says Lois & Clark fans can actually watch a version of what would have happened to the super family by tuning in to Supernatural.

“It’s kind of funny because this season of Supernatural has been dedicated to another interesting child – the offspring of a human and an angel,” says Ross-Leming, who is also an EP on The CW drama. “We didn’t use Lois & Clark as a template, but the Supernatural kid grows up in record time. In a way, even though Supernatural is a much darker show, Lois & Clark fans could look to that story line to see kind of how things would have played out.”

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