By Ruth Kinane
April 03, 2018 at 11:22 AM EDT


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Break out your wigs and faux accents because Imposters is back with a brand new season on Thursday.

Ahead of the premiere, EW caught up with executive producer Adam Brooks to see what tricks and turns season 2 has in store for fans. After the wedding-come-heist finale of the dark comedy’s first season, original money and heart stealer Maddie (Inbar Lavi) is looking to make some changes, but while she wants out, the Bumblers are only getting in deeper and they’re all about to find out that every con has its consequences…

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Where do we pick up with Maddie in the premiere?
ADAM BROOKS: Maddie’s on the run and in trouble with the FBI and with the doctor so she kind of uses that as an opportunity to enter her own witness protection program, in a way so can she have a normal life and do something quiet but it turns out to be much more complicated than she expected for external reason. Also, when you’ve been playing other people for so long, who are you? When you’ve been hiding yourself from everyone else, you’re also hiding yourself from yourself. Maddie spends a lot of the first half of the season dealing with those kinds of themes. When we were thinking about season 2, the word that we used a lot was “consequences.” What are the consequences of all of these things for all of them? And so she has to examine that stuff before she decides where it’s going to take her in the second half of the season.

Do we see more of her upbringing and what caused her to enter a life of con?
Yes, one of the fun things about this season it is that we see young Maddie again. I love the actress Mikey Madison who plays young Maddie; she is just terrific. So, yeah, we’re going to get a little bit of a hint of how Maddie became Maddie and I think the hints are fun but… I think the best thing about season 2 is that we get to go a bit deeper into all the characters that way.

Do we get more of the Bumblers backgrounds too?
Yes. Richard (Parker Young) goes home in episode one and it’s very much about learning who he was: A football star who got the beautiful girl, who his buddy was, the world that he came from so it’s really fun to get that story. With Jules (Marianne Rendón) we learn more about her family, her secret, her conflict between wanting to be an artist and coming from privilege and all those things. It’s really fun and one of her family members becomes an important character along the way.

I feel like when we left them they were just getting a taste for the con life and are in over their heads…
I think Ezra’s (Rob Heaps) definitely developing a taste for the con. All three of them are feeling emboldened because they tricked the trickster, they conned the con artist. Now they’re a little bit full of themselves and that always goes badly. They’ve spent the last season and years of their lives trying to escape from Maddie and now that they’ve escaped they have to decide where they’re at. It’s a kind of reckoning. Who is Richard now that he’s free? Who is he going to be? He always dreamed of being a senator, but now he’s on the run. Ezra is on the run but kind of liking it; finally he has an adventure, almost by his own choosing. Jules has a lot of self discovery that she’s going to do too and in way Jules and Ezra have their own love story – not a love story, love story. Jules more falls in love with a place and an idea. Ezra who has no love in season one will have some interesting stuff happen in season 2. We have a new character who’s going to be really fantastic.

How are they doing emotionally though? It still seemed like they all had some ways to go in fully getting over Maddie and what she put them through.
I think they think they’re over it and I think they’ll discover that they’re not as over it in some ways as they think. Just in terms of the plot, they’re living with the aftermath of that. In different ways, they’re exploring different themes. With Maddie it’s always a little darker and with the Bumblers it’s hopefully very emotionally grounded but also much more fun. The way they support each other and fight; they’re great together. The thing I find most moving about the show is how the three of them, who don’t necessarily belong together, really fit.

What about Patrick (Stephen Bishop)? Is he still on the case? Or has the FBI taken him off it?
Patrick like the rest of them has had his life upended too. He’s been kicked downstairs when we find them and he cannot let it go. He wants to redeem himself and he’s going to try to fix and solve the thing that he couldn’t do in season one, so he will be on the hunt. He would like to tell himself it’s about the crime and the ring, but clearly it’s more complicated than that.

And how’s Max (Brian Benben) coping with being on the run with no Doctor to direct him?
Max is struggling with who is he without the doctor. Very quickly in the beginning he decides what he’s going to do to come to terms with that. It starts evolving right from the very first episode, but he’s very much in the play of things and feels betrayed by Maddie and has enormous guilt about what he did to Sally leading to her demise. So they’re all dealing with consequences. They’re all off in different directions and inevitable moving towards one direction as the season goes on.

And in terms of new characters, we hear your co-producer Paul Adelstein has a role on the show this season?
We had wanted to find a place for Paul to be in the show for a while…he tired to resist it but… [laughs]. We always had this idea of Shelly Cohen, who also works for the doctor. So Paul plays Shelly who is this a character who is as much fun and bigger than life as his ex-wife Lenny (Uma Thurman) is, and you can imagine them together and you can imagine how they couldn’t stay together.

After all the twists and turns of last season and the grand finale, is it tempting to just go even bigger and have a massive Ocean’s 11-style heist this season?
There’s a lot of really fun twists and turns and this season too and it definitely moves towards a bigger thing like last year, but we knew we just had to let go and let this season be this season, but I think it has its own richness. It’s very much connected to the first season, but it’s also evolves in a really great way. And there’s great things that happen from all the characters as it goes on and it does sort of build to a satisfying end. There won’t be wedding dresses or a church – but maybe Niagara falls?

Imposters returns Thursday at 10 p.m. ET on Bravo.


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