Adam Rose/ABC

Last week's premiere now tops 25 million viewers

April 02, 2018 at 11:52 AM EDT

ABC’s Roseanne revival just set another big ratings record.

Last week’s heavily buzzed premiere has delivered the largest DVR playback bump ever recorded by Nielsen between a show’s premiere night and its next few days of measurement (what’s called “L+3” in the industry).

Basically, last Tuesday’s premiere had a stunning 18.9 million viewers. But according to ABC’s latest data, another 6.7 million viewers have watched the premiere since then — that’s the largest total viewer three-day DVR increase for a single telecast on any network ever. Roseanne‘s premiere now stands at an incredible 25.04 million viewers.

In the adults 18-49 demo, the lift isn’t quite as record-setting — up 2.1 to a 7.3 in the demo. But it makes it the biggest playback increase in the demo for a comedy premiere in three years (a 2015 airing of The Big Bang Theory still holds the record in that category).

Not surprisingly, ABC renewed Roseanne for a second/10th season (depending on how you’re counting) after only one episode last week. Yet this Tuesday’s second-week telecast is still considered a big test. Nobody expects the comedy to match its premiere, or even come really close, but ABC surely hopes for a drop off that’s only in the 10-15 percent range and not, say, in the 40-50 percent range. We shall see.

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