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You’d think the stars of Dawson’s Creek would have Paula Cole’s “I Don’t Want to Wait” etched in their brains permanently, but the cast admits they can barely remember the lyrics.

“Not a chance,” Joshua Jackson said when EW asked the cast at our reunion if they knew the words to show’s theme song.

“Who would know all the lyrics?!” added Busy Philipps before belting out the verses she could remember.

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As fans of the series know, “I Don’t Want to Wait” wasn’t originally planned as the theme song. “When we delivered the [pilot] presentation, we used [Alanis Morrisette’s] “Hand in my Pocket” because we didn’t have to clear the music for the presentation,” creator Kevin Williamson said. “Only when we had to go to series did we have to get clearances, and that one wasn’t available. [Morrisette] said no. Paula Cole’s was a song that they were already using for the promos, and so the WB said, “What about this song?” And I went, “I love it. I love it.” (Williamson did ultimately find a way to use “Hand in My Pocket” in the series finale when Pacey shows Jen some “found footage” — what was actually the original credits — of the four best friends.

So why don’t you hear the theme song when the show airs in reruns or on streaming today? (You’ll hear Jann Arden’s “Run Like Mad” which was used as the show’s theme song internationally.)

During the reunion interview, James Van Der Beek brought up the common gripe over the change in tunes.

“Sony did not make deals with all the musicians in perpetuity,” he said. “It’d be cool if someone figured out a way to put that actual original music back in the show. So if anybody at Sony is listening, it would be nice if they put the original music back in!”

Well, except for one artist, says Michelle Williams. “I don’t know, Chumbawamba, I could live without it.”

Make sure to watch the clip above to hear Philipps sing “I Don’t Want to Wait” and click here to watch the full reunion special.

—Reporting by Tim Stack

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