Jimmy Carter isn’t hold anything back when it comes to his thoughts on the current U.S. president.

Stopping by The Late Show to promote his new book Faith, Carter was asked several pointed questions about Donald Trump by host Stephen Colbert. Colbert began the interview segment by complimenting Carter’s kindness and activism, quipping, “We could use a nice guy in the Oval Office.”

“You were the president after Nixon and Ford, and America felt like they wanted a nice guy in there,” Colbert continued. “Were you too nice to be president? Because people criticized you for your demeanor and you might say the energy that was brought to the job. Does America want kind of a jerk as president?”

Carter then generated some booming audience laughter with his response: “Apparently, from this recent election year.”

The pair also touched on the subject of Carter’s book as it relates to Trump. Carter explained that he is a religious man who prays regularly, and that he particularly prays that Trump not use nuclear weapons. When Colbert asked if Carter believes his prayers are being answered, the former U.S. president admitted, “When you pray, God has one of three answers: Yes, No, and You’ve got to be kidding — not sure which one it is [for Trump] yet.”

Colbert also turned to the subject of political enemies and animosity, to which Carter explained he tries to move on and not to hold onto such negative feelings. “Just in case you change your mind, we have a present for you,” Colbert said, bringing the question back to whether Carter would consider challenging Trump, and presenting Carter with a “campaign” t-shirt. “It’s Carter 2020: Still Constitutionally Eligible.”

Watch Carter’s full Late Show appearance above.

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