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Can Josh Take A Leap of Faith?

The fate of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and the fascinating residents of West Covina, California, hangs in the balance, but it’s not entirely undecided.

While fans and the team behind Crazy Ex-Girlfriend wait to see if the CW picks the show up for a fourth and final season, co-creator and star Rachel Bloom knows exactly where Rebecca Bunch’s journey is headed. And it’s all about Rebecca, and the rest of the characters, figuring out what makes them happy.

“This is ultimately a story, not about romantic love, but about finding what makes you truly happy,” she tells EW. “It’s one of those fundamental questions of life, but what makes you truly happy in a way that’s genuine. Not what you think should make you happy or what other people think should make you happy. What makes you happy and what makes that up is something that doesn’t usually fit into a box. It’s something that doesn’t fit into a musical theater or music video trope. It’s all of these contradictions and juxtapositions that make up a person’s happiness and that is, ultimately, what the show explores.”

Until a decision is made regarding the future of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, the cast is keeping busy with a live musical tour featuring songs from the show that kicked off in Los Angeles on Tuesday night. The tour is hitting 10 cities across the country and will fittingly end in West Covina — only “two hours from the beach, four in traffic.”

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Can Josh Take A Leap of Faith?
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