By Derek Lawrence
March 28, 2018 at 07:22 PM EDT
Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

What is Jeopardy! was right?

During Tuesday night’s Final Jeopardy! round, Alex Trebek gave the clue, “Complaints about heavy workloads inspired the titles of 2 songs by this group, No. 1 hits 7 months apart.” The answer was The Beatles, with the two songs being “A Hard Day’s Night” and “Eight Days a Week.”

But, many fans had a problem with the inclusion of “Eight Days a Week,” arguing it was a love song and citing the lyrics, “Ain’t got nothin’ but love babe, eight days a week.”

While viewers are right in their interpretation of the song’s content, the clue was about what inspired the song, which Paul McCartney has said was a phrase a chauffeur once said to him to emphasize how hard he’d been working.

Hopefully those on social media didn’t make too big a final wager.

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