David's abilities could've been much harder on Amy than we realized

March 26, 2018 at 11:00 AM EDT

Legion‘s David Haller (Dan Stevens) had it rough going through a mental institution, never realizing that the voices bouncing around his head were actually manifestations of his immense psychic powers. But his sister, Amy (Katie Aselton), also went through the emotional wringer.

A new deleted scene from the season 1 DVD and Blu-ray bonus features, debuting exclusively on EW, teases an unintended consequence of David’s unchecked abilities.

In the clip, shown above, Amy visits her brother in the Clockworks Psychiatric Hospital, where David tells her that he met someone. That someone is Syd (Rachel Keller), and he’s excited for the day when he can be released and romance her.

When Amy advises “don’t get your hopes up” and “keep things small, flat,” he starts to lose it. And when David starts losing it, he starts losing control of his abilities. As David rambles about all the medication he’s forced to take, Amy’s nose starts to bleed — an event David later confesses to Clark (Hamish Linklater) from Division III happened all the time when they were kids.

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Legion season 1 will come home on DVD and Blu-ray this Tuesday, March 27, bringing along a host of behind-the-scenes content. Featurettes titled “Uncanny Romance,” “Production Design,” “Powers,” “Make-Up (Making the Devil with the Yellow Eyes),” “Visual Effects,” “Costume Design,” and “Location” will be included with additional deleted scenes and a video called “Fractured Reality: A Different Kind of Hero.”

Then season 2 — with the folks of Summerland working with Division III to take down Shadow King — will premiere on FX this April 3 with more mind-bending twists.

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